This link was created to enable us to see a large collection of photo albums. 
These albums contain photos I scanned dated from 1963 to 2006 in chronological order,
including also the various trips we took to Portugal, up to the year 2000. 
Altogether, the albums contain 4000 pictures. 

When you double click any album, the first page of that album appears. 
Double click on any picture to see it in a larger size. To get out of it, click on "Return to Main Page" at the bottom of each picture. Unfortunately, we cannot see them in larger form continuously. 
We must close each one to continue. 

To change albums, go to the upper right corner of each album where you will see "Select Album". 
When viewing any picture, if you click on "View full size", many pictures will enlarge and cover the screen, 
others will not. To get out of it, go to the bottom of the screen and click "Close window". 


1st set of albums
2nd set of albums


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